About Us

  • The AGR experience

     The AGR experience has been time proven to "Make Better Men".  With over 600 alumni, our chapter has grown with our members on campus and in the community.  We are an esteemed member of the Virginia Tech greek community for our chilvalry, academics, extracurricular involvement, professionalism and public relations.  The Virginia Tech chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho values the education you will recieve on campus, but also the vital education that is  learned outside of the classroom through the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. This can be achieved by holding leadership positions, or by just being an active brother.


    AGR is not just agriculture

     You don't have to study agriculture to be in AGR. Our brothers come from all over the country and are studying many diverse majors such as: Dairy Science, Agricultural Sciences, Agribusiness, Horticulture, Wood Science, Marketing, Forestry, Engineering, and Building Construction. All of our brothers have the same common interest in agriculture and learning about it.


     How much does it cost?

     Money may be a deciding factor in choosing the AGR experience.  On average, a brother of the fraternity will pay $2,000-2,500 a semester to live in the house and $750-1,000 for brothers living out of house.  This may sound steep, but ironically, this is on of the cheapest living in Blacksburg.  These fees don't only cover rent, utilities, cable and internet, but involves groceries for breakfast and lunch as well as 5 prepared dinners a week by the brothers, for the brothers.  Social events, brotherhood trips to conventions and workshops, t-shirts and hats, philanthropy fees for sororities, and miscellaneous other things are also covered in this low fraternity fee.




    • If this unique college life is what you're looking for, contact Jake Bailey @ (540)-241-1965 with any questions you may have.